Trish Gorrod and her Husband, Mike, Celebrate their Wedding Anniversary on January 22nd 2019

Trish Gorrod and her Husband, Mike, Celebrate their Wedding Anniversary on January 22nd 2019

Trish and her husband Mike celebrated their 42nd Wedding Anniversary with a private afternoon tea in the beautiful turret room at Barton Lodge. They shared their special afternoon with their youngest son Henry.

Trish had her family visit during the day and said she had very special memories of her wedding to Mike which happened in Southbourne, Dorset on January 22nd 1977 on a cold and blustery day.

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Jasmine the Barn Owl Does a Fly By

Jasmine the beautiful barn owl came to visit Barton Lodge residents this week.

Jasmine is very young, only 10 weeks old, and is getting used to all the love and attention humans can give her, much to the delight of our residents and staff. During her visit Jasmine’s very well trained owner filled us in on many interesting facts, such as:

Jasmine keeps her fine feathers in fettle on a mere 6 mice a day, which she swallows whole!

The residents always look forward to any visitors but Jasmine’s visit was a particular success. The residents were all able to hold or stroke Jasmine’s head and back if they wanted to and everyone was very keen to see such a beautiful wild animal in their home.

We thank Jasmine and her owner for visiting us and very much look forward to her next visit.


Top 20 Care Home Group Award Winner 2018

Barton Lodge and Woodley Grange Award Winners Again

Barton Lodge TeamStaff with awardManucourt Ltd Wins Care Home Award for 2 years running


We are delighted to announce that Manucourt Ltd has been awarded a ‘Top 20 Recommended Small Care Home Group 2018 Award’ out of nearly 19,000 care homes in the UK.


This is the second year running that Manucourt Ltd has won this prestigious award. The awards are based on reviews we have received from residents, their friends and relatives.


As a family run business, our central focus is to provide outstanding quality of care and accommodation at Barton Lodge & Woodley Grange, where our ethos – ‘loving care matters’, is at the heart of everything we do. To receive this prestigious award, for two years in a row, is a testimony to Manucourt Ltd’s dedication to provide exceptional care.


Of course, these awards are really dedicated to the team of dedicated staff that put their heart and soul into their work. The recent ‘beast from the east’ showed their true spirit, when staff prepared in advance and actually brought in clothing so that they could stay the night, some of them even sleeping on the floor, to ensure that they could get to work the next day. I would like to express my sincere appreciation and acknowledge Julie, Amanda and their teams’ commitment to provide the utmost compassionate care to our residents.


Of course, we won’t be bathing in self-pride and are back to doing what we always do – continuously striving to provide the best quality care.

Woodley Grange Team

Woodley Grange Care Home in Romsey, has been chosen by residents and their families as one of the Top 20 care homes in South East England.


Woodley Grange Care Home in Romsey, has been chosen by residents and their families as one of the Top 20 care homes in South East England.

There are 3,054 homes in the South East of England, with the top 20 receiving an award from the leading reviews guide to care homes, carehome.co.uk.

The award is based on reviews of the care home written by their residents, as well as their friends and relatives.

Davina Ludlow, chair of carehome.co.uk, said: “It is the residents and their families and friends who have first-hand experience of what a care home is like, which is why we use their reviews to find the best care homes in the UK. Their reviews reveal that many care homes are warm and sociable places, where residents can interact with others and take part in stimulating activities, looked after by staff who are caring and compassionate.

“Woodley Grange Care Home has proved that they provide a high standard of care and we would like to congratulate them on being a Top 20 care home in South East England! It is such an achievement to be recognised for being a top-rated care home by the very people you care for. 

“Finding the right care home can be very hard. We hope our awards help to make people’s search for a care home a little bit easier.”

Amanda Cooper, Woodley Grange Care Home manager, said: “We are absolutely delighted to receive this award in 2017 and now again in 2018. I am so pleased for the staff, that their dedication and tremendous hard work has been recognised by the residents and their relatives.

“Our central focus is our commitment to our ‘loving care matters’ ethos and to receive this prestigious award, is a testimony to Woodley Grange’s dedication to provide exceptional care. We are all extremely proud of this achievement.”

Doris and Leo

Canine immigrants bring happiness to Residents

Canine visits bring lots of joy and a therapeutic affect…



Canine Duo Doris and Leo come to visit us #WoodleyGrange, as they enjoy coming to meet everyone to say hello. Doris is lovely but a little greedy and needy she loves cuddles and is very caring. She also loves biscuits but should not have too many. If you have noticed a shortage of biscuits over the last few months it is probably down to Doris!

Leo is a little bit more lively he loves to chew things at home and has munched his way through a few slippers! However, he has had a very calming influence on Doris since she came to live with him. 

The residents look forward to Doris & Leo coming through the door as it creates an excitement in the home with residents wanting to feel and cuddle the canine friends. The bond between them has become an amazing scene to observe.

Doris and Leo were both street dogs from Greece. Doris is 18 months old and has been in England for 6 months. Leo is 2 and a half and has lived in England for 18 months. Doris was found in a dustbin at 3 weeks old with his sisters who are still awaiting homes. Leo was born in a sanctuary after his mum was found left in a dustbin.

Both dogs were taken in by the Strays of Greece animal shelter – website www.straysofgreece.org – they were both looked after until they were found homes here in England.

Susan Whitcombe

Recognition of Service in Care Home


Celebrations in recognition of Dedication and Loyalty… 

Directors of Manucourt Ltd acknowledged the dedication of the staff for both Care Homes owned by the company. Management and Staff from the respective Care homes gathered for the occasion to give recognition to the members of the team having served three or more  years. More than fifty staff attended to celebrate and to receive their token of appreciation.

On behalf of both, Woodley Grange & Barton Lodge Care Home,  Shabbir Walji (MD) dedicated the success of the Homes to the loyal Staff.

Addressing the gathering Shabbir said, “You are all truly amazing and have lived up to the expectations and the principle of Loving Care Matters. We thank each one of you for your loyalty and looking forward to collectively sustain the Homely environment for the residents. Your suggestions are also valuable to us. Please do speak to the Managers’ to discuss ways to improve, or enhance areas that you feel deserves attention.”

He further congratulated all those staff who had reached the various milestones. They were each handed a cash gift as a gesture of goodwill for their loyalty to the Home.

Amongst those present were Susan Devine, who was retiring after seventeen years service. Anne Miller has been with the company for over a decade. Susan Elizabeth Whitcombe was given a special mention for her completion of thirty years at the Home.

Sylvia Thomas is still dutifully performing her role of Head of Domestic at Barton Lodge having attained fifteen years of service.

It is clearly paramount that the staff find their work environment pleasurable and fulfilling, which allows the creation of a culture of happiness and longing to give their best attention at all times. A constant appraisal is done to the fabric of the building for comfort. Staff training is the key for the retention and maintaining of high standards.

Motivated Staff = Loving Care = Happy Home


WG Staff

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Top 20 Care Home Group Award Winner 2017

Manucourt Ltd receives award ‘Top 20 Recommended Care Home Group’

group-award-2017Manucourt Ltd are excited to announce two prestigious awards by carehome.co.uk:

‘Top 20 Recommended Small Care Home Group 2017’ and ‘Top 20 Recommended Care Home in South East England 2017’.

Manucourt Ltd have been awarded a ‘Top 20 Recommended Small Care Home Group 2017’ Award and Woodley Grange has been recognised as a ‘Top 20 Recommended Care Home in South East England 2017’, instituted by carehome.co.uk.

The Top 20 Recommended Care Home Group Awards are based on over 40,000 reviews from residents and friends/families of residents and acknowledges the hard work and efforts of care homes across the UK, highlighting the most recommended Care Home Groups in each region.

As a family run business, our central focus is to provide an outstanding quality of care and accommodation at our care homes. ‘Loving care matters’ is at the heart of everything we do. To receive two prominent awards is a testimony to Manucourt Ltd’s dedication to providing exceptional care.

One of our Directors, Rizwan Walji, said, “We are delighted to be recognised as a Top 20 Recommended Care Home Group and know that it is due to the endless support, contribution and hard work of our dedicated team at Manucourt Ltd that we are in a position to be receiving such a highly respected award.”

The management team at Manucourt Ltd are thrilled by our entire team’s commitment to providing the utmost compassionate care to our residents.

We would also like to take this opportunity to personally thank all those that took the time to review our care homes and services and for expressing their views to carehome.co.uk as these reviews and votes have been central to our success.

Are you looking for a care home in Hampshire? Come and visit us at Barton Lodge Care Home located in Barton-On-Sea and Woodley Grange Care Home in Romsey. Both of our homes offer residential and dementia care on either:

• A long term basis
• For short respite breaks
• Day care

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Barton Lodge Open Day: 19th November 2016

Come and visit us for our Open Day on Saturday 19th November between 1.30pm and 4.30pm.

If you are looking for a Residential and specialist Dementia care home in Hampshire, please pop in for a chat. It will be a fantastic opportunity for you to come and visit us for our open day to meet our Directors, Management team and superbly dedicated Care Staff.

We will take you on a tour of Barton Lodge so that you can truly appreciate our care home, which combines a boutique hotel environment with the highest standards of residential and specialist dementia care and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Homemade cream tea and cakes will be served during the afternoon, whilst you enjoy entertainment by Pianist, Simon Woodley.

If you would like further information, please contact us on 01425 617 111 or email us on bartonlodge@lovingcare-matters.co.uk


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Centenarian Kathleen Wilmer celebrates 100th birthday in style!

On 28th September 2016, Centenarian Kathleen Wilmer celebrates an unforgettable day, her 100th birthday.

Kathleen had a delightful birthday with her family, friends and our team at Barton Lodge and she even had a special visit from New Milton Mayor, Cllr David Hawkins!

Kathleen has lived with us at Barton Lodge for six years and she is an absolute joy to be around. She previously lived in Hordle and was married to her late husband for 68 years. Kathleen is the only surviving sibling in her family and she is convinced her long life is because of her mother’s genes! She certainly has a lot to be proud of, including an impressive 30 years service with Tesco at their head office in Hertfordshire.

Kathleen really did celebrate in style on her birthday with live music and dancing and all her family and friends around her on her special day. Kathleen was showered with balloons, flowers, gifts, cake and lots and lots of cards (one of her favourites was the card from the Queen!).

For everyone at Barton Lodge, it was an exciting day as it’s not everyday we get to celebrate a 100th birthday.

Speaking to Kathleen, she was thrilled and said, “I’ve had lots of cards and presents and have been very lucky.”

Tickled Pink Productions Entertain Us

On 22nd September Tickled pink Productions came to Woodley Grange to entertain our residents.

The two performers put on a romantic comedy show full of favourite musical songs and dances of yesteryear. They included songs from Singing in the Rain, Easter Parade, High Society, Let Yourself Go and many more.

A theatre curtain was erected at one end of the lounge to enable the performers to change costume – one moment a ballerina, the next a clown and finally sparkly top hats and tails to name a few.

Residents were each welcomed and some were given feather boas and party hats to wear, helping them to feel part of the show. Some residents were lucky enough to be individually serenaded to.

The smiles and laughter were infectious and a delight to behold.

The show was thoroughly enjoyed by those who came along, including some family members and was still being talked about for days afterwards.

The residents enjoyed the show so much that we invited them for our pre-Christmas festivities. We’ve included photos of both shows for your enjoyment.